Lakefield 5K May 3rd, 2014

May 4, 2014

The 2014 Lakefield 5K was a fun event again this year.   Participants had to avoid a few puddles but the weather co-operated and everyone enjoyed the great venue and the friendly atmosphere.

This event supports both the Ontario Speed Skating Oval and the Canadian Mental Health Association. Both organizations are very fortunate that a very dedicated group of volunteers are willing to organize the Lakefield 5K each year.  The event participants and the entire community benefits from the amazing support of the sponsors.  One organizer's observation about our community says it all - "Small Towns Rock"!!!

The initial results are listed in the attached file.  If there are any recording or spelling errors feel free to send a message to .  


Lakefield 5 K Run & Walk

Mar 30, 2014

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Come and enjoy this annual fun event!!!  This is a great opportunity to enjoy the Village of Lakefield and also help support two great community organizations! The Lakefield 5 K Run and Walk is hosted jointly by the Ontario Speed Skating Oval and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

You can download the attached brochure and email your application to or visit the Running Room website to register on-line.


Sunday, March 9th

Mar 9, 2014

The March sun has caused the ice to break down very quickly making the surface unsafe for skating.

If we get a couple of colder days in a row we might try to repair the ice later this week.

For now the Oval is officially closed - please stay off the ice!! 

Monday, March 3rd

Mar 3, 2014

Monday, March 3rd

The ice will be scraped and flooded today.

The track will be in good condition for skating all week - Come and enjoy outdoor skating in March.

Public Skating in March

Mar 1, 2014

Recreational skaters are invited to come to the Oval and enjoy skating outdoors in March.  The ice has a few cracks but the skating is still very good.

The snow will be cleared before the supervised public skating on Sunday, March 2nd - noon to 3 pm.

Ice remains in Good Condition

Feb 27, 2014

Thursday, Feb 27th

The continuing cold weather for the remainder of this week will result in good skating conditions at the Oval.

On Sunday, March 2nd the Oval plans to have another supervised cay of Free Public Skating.  Everyone is invited to come and enjoy skating at the Oval.  A volunteer will be on hand from noon to 3 pm on Sunday to rent the Recreational Speed Skates for $5.  Free hot chocolate will also be available!


Wednesday, February 26th

Feb 26, 2014

The ice at the Oval will remain in fairly good condition all this week.

There are a few crusty sections so skaters are asked to be aware that their blades can cut through the ice in some places.

Sunday, Feb 23rd

Feb 23, 2014

The ice at the Oval has frozen back into to a smooth enough condition that public skating will be allowed today.

We do not have a volunteer available to provide the rental skates so today's skate will be unsupervised.  People are welcome to skate at the Oval but the rental speed skates will not be available today.

Friday, February 21st

Feb 21, 2014

Oval is Closed

The Oval will remain closed until the cold weather returns.  Please stay off the track.  We are hoping that a return of the cold weather will allow us all to enjoy a few more days of nice skating.

Wednesday, February 19th

Feb 19, 2014

The Oval will be cleared this morning so that we can host today's school group.

Tuesday, Feb 18th

Feb 18, 2014

Tuesday, Feb 18th

The small amount of snow will be cleared from the track this morning. The temperature will be low enough to flood the ice which will repair the cuts made during yesterday's Family Day Skate.

Today we host a school group and this afternoon the Club Skating hours will be from 4:30 to dark. 

Monday, February 17th - FAMILY DAY

Feb 17, 2014


Come and enjoy the great ice and wonderful weather.

The hosts for this fun day of skating is the Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge.  Volunteers from this great organization will be on hand to serve hot chocolate and welcome you to a fun day of skating.

Sunday, February 16th

Feb 16, 2014

A perfect day for Public Skating at the Oval.

The Ice was reconditioned late yesterday afternoon.

Rental Speed skates will be available from noon to 3 pm today.

Saturday, February 15th

Feb 15, 2014

The ice remains in good condition.

Today during the Public Skating time Paul Carter will play host to the players and families of the Pete's Atom AA Hockey Team.

Firday, Feb 14th

Feb 14, 2014

The Ice at the Oval remains in really good condition.  We completed a good flood yesterday and the skating was great yesterday evening. We will flood again this morning.

A special thanks to Arnold Depooter for putting the garage door back in operating condition - now it will be easier to get the Zamboni out!

Skaters from the Peterborough Club will be skating today from 4:30 pm to 6 pm.  Coach Chris Coons will be on hand to offer guidance.  Feel free to join us!

Thursday, Feb 13th

Feb 13, 2014

Ice is in great condition.

Lots of moonlight for a skate tonight!

Wednesday, Feb 12th

Feb 12, 2014

Another cold & clear day today.

Good weather for ice maintenance and great weather for skating!

The clear sky and almost full moon provides plenty of light for an evening skate.

Tuesday, Feb 11

Feb 11, 2014

Cold and Clear again today.

Yesterday the ice crew managed to get a much needed thick layer of water onto the track.  The clear, cold weather today will provide the perfect opportunity to have the Zamboni scrape the surface smooth and apply a thin finishing flood.

The ice will be ready for some great skating by noon today. 

Monday, Feb 10

Feb 10, 2014

The track will get some much needed scraping and flooding today and tomorrow - but the ice remains in good shape and the weather is still just right for a skate.

Sunday, Feb 9th

Feb 9, 2014

Good Day for Public Skating!!

Yesterday the track was scraped and flooded after the pond hockey finished.

Today's clear weather will make it a great day to enjoy an outdoor skate.

Come and enjoy!!

Saturday, Feb 8th

Feb 8, 2014

The Oval will host a small Pond Hockey Event this Morning.

The weather will be just right for this event and the ice is in great condition.

The Normal Unsupervised Saturday Public Skating will also take place from Noon to 3 pm today. 

Friday, Feb 7th

Feb 7, 2014

Clear & Cold again today!

The oval is in good condition!

Thursday, Feb 6th

Feb 6, 2014

Cold and Clear Today

The track has a small covering of snow that will be cleared this morning.  We will also scrape the ice.

Skating conditions this afternoon will be very good.

Wednesday, Feb 5th

Feb 5, 2014

Ice is in good condition

With the forecast of snow today we will not be flooding the ice.

Tuesday, February 4th

Feb 4, 2014

Another clear & cold morning.

A good morning for a bit more ice maintenance and perfect weather for a skate today.  Local skaters should make the time to enjoy the long track experience while the weather is co-operating - before you know it the winter will be over.

Monday, February 3rd

Feb 3, 2014

Clear and just a bit below freezing.

Perfect weather for clearing and flooding the ice this morning.

The track will be in really good condition this afternoon and for the remainder of the week according to the weather forecast.

Nordic Day

Feb 2, 2014

The crew will out this morning clearing the snow & preparing for Nordic Day.

This is your chance to try any of the three wonderful Nordic Sports - cross country skiing, snowshoeing or speed skating. Please come and enjoy from 11 to 3pm today.

Saturday, February 1st

Feb 1, 2014

Snowy Day Today

The ice is still in good condition and there will be unsupervised public skating available.

The track will not be scraped and flooded again until after today's snow and possibly rain has finished

Last night's Candlelight Skate was a big success - many people decided to spend an evening skating.  The conditions were perfect. As always thanks to the ice crew - John Dunford, Wayne Bulman & Pat Smith. Ron and Elaine Hancock and Ada Wilkins, Pat Smith, Ben Wilkins and John Dunford all helped with the large task of lighting and distributing the candles. Thanks to you all.

Sunday, Feb 2nd will be Nordic Day - along with supervised public skating you are invited to come and try cross country skiing or snow shoeing.